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Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here is a little about ourselves and our company;

Coosemans, D.C. is a wholesale supplier of fresh herbs and specialty produce to chain stores and food service distributors. We package our produce to customer specifications providing them with a finished product they can then resell to retail customers or restaurants. Coosemans, D.C. has years of experience setting up retail accounts with a full line of packaged specialties – from fresh herbs to key limes, from mixed chilies to tomatoes on the vine. We can create a program for your chain with 100 top selling items, with a weekly list of costs, your mark-up, and the sell price per item at the store level. Let us take the hassle out of starting a specialty produce program for you – all it takes is one phone call! We have a full range of products from all over the world. The Coosemans worldwide network is geared towards customer satisfaction and stops at nothing to deliver the freshest specialties to our diverse clientele.

Coosemans DC is constantly listening to its customer’s feedback, input and suggestions for improving existing products, or for expanding its current line.




Coosemans D.C. is proud to offer you a variety of specialties packaged for the retail environment. Our presentation is not only eye-catching but also helps with shelf life extension, and protects products from handling damage, bruising, etc. These packaged specialties have point of sale information like recipes, or serving suggestions. Availability for these products is mostly year-round.



Our Location

Current Location is The Maryland Wholesale Produce Market 7460 Conowingo Ave. Unit 107 Jessup, MD 20794


7460 Conowingo Avenue Unit 107 Jessup, MD 20794
Phone 410-799-0980 Fax 410-799-3759